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Space: Above and Beyond

Updated 30 Jan 2004

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Space: Above and Beyond  



Lieutenant Nathan West

Call Sign "King of Hearts"
Played by Morgan Weisser

Captain Shane Vansen

Call Sign "Queen of Hearts"
Played by Kristen Cloke

First Lieutenant Cooper Hawkes

Call Sign "Jack of Spades"
Played by Rodney Rowland

First Lieutenant Vanessa Damphousse

Call Sign "Ace of Hearts"
Played by Lanei Chapman

First Lieutenant Paul Wang

Call Sign "Joker"
Played by Joel de la Fuente

Lieutenant Colonel T.C. McQueen

Call Sign "Queen Six"
Played by James Morrison

Commodore Glen Ross

Played by Tucker Smallwood

Lieutenant Kelly Anne Winslow

Played by Tasia Valenza

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