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Updated 30 Jan 2004

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Space: Above and Beyond  
Nathan West
Shane Vansen
Cooper Hawkes
Vanessa    Damphousse
Paul Wang
T.C. McQueen
Commodore Ross

Lieutenant Kelly Anne Winslow
Played by Tasia Valenza


The character Kelly Anne Winslow appeared in four episodes of Space: Above and Beyond as a member of the 58th squadron.

Brought to the Wildcards well after the squadron had made a reputation for itself on the U.S.S. Saratoga, Winslow brought her poise and confidence to the team. In fact, she has her own notions of how things should work and moved right into the team as if she had been there as long as the others, giving right back to them just as easily as they gave to her. Her bonds of friendship, however, seemed to focus on the other female members of the team, as if platonic relationships with the men around her were difficult, if not impossible.

We last see Lt. Winslow call sign "Queen of Spades" as, from her unarmed ejected cockpit, she knows she faces her moment of death, with Chiggy Von Richtoven bearing down on her.

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