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Space: Above and Beyond

Updated 30 Jan 2004

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Space: Above and Beyond  
Shane Vansen
Cooper Hawkes
Vanessa    Damphousse
Paul Wang
T.C. McQueen
Commodore Ross
Kelly WInslow

Nathan West
Played by Morgan Weisser


For years, Nathan West devoted his life to becoming a planetary colonist with his fiancée Kylen Celina. Having committed themselves to the venture and training together, they planned to emigrate to the Tellus colony, but politics intervened. In one moment, affirmative action for the InVitros dashed all their dreams by forcing him to give up his colonist berth and remain behind while Kylen fulfilled her contract to the colony.

Following a suggestion that he join the military and request an assignment for colonial patrol, Nathan signs up for the Marine Corps. Now separated from his family and his fiancé, thrust into intensive training, he meets the people who are destined to share his every moment, joy, and fear -- the 58th squadron, the Wildcards.

When news breaks that the Tellus Colony has been attacked and the colonists butchered, Nathan and the Wildcards find themselves thrust into battle. Even more determined to find Kylen, Nathan – call sign "King of Hearts" -- continues his quest for her.

Nathan's driving desire is to reunite with Kylen. Around his neck, he carries a picture of them together. He focuses on her. He believes with the strongest conviction that they will reunite. In time, the picture becomes a talisman for the Wildcards, symbolizing their faith and belief in one another.


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Nathan and Kylen Nathan and Kylen   Nathan is caught Nathan is caught
I believe in you I believe in you   Drift away into space Drift away into space
Figure it out Figure it out   We done our best: West and Hawkes We done our best: West and Hawkes
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