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Updated 30 Jan 2004

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Space: Above and Beyond  
Nathan West
Shane Vansen
Vanessa    Damphousse
Paul Wang
T.C. McQueen
Commodore Ross
Kelly WInslow

Cooper Hawkes
Played by Rodney Rowland


Cooper Hawkes was born a fully grown 18-year-old male, with none of the social and acquired knowledge of most young men, for Hawkes is an In-Vitro, a "Tank," a human gestated artificially in a controlled facility, one of thousands who have been created to become part of Earth's fighting force. Although he had been treated and educated as all the other In-Vitros, there was something different about him: he dared to question a Monitor during In-Vitro indoctrination. It was an act that changed his life, for upon hearing that the Monitors considered him defective and that he was to be erased, Hawkes escaped the facility and plunged into the strange world of the outside.

Living in the slums and on the streets of Philadelphia, he dodged authorities who would return him to the facility. He took on odd jobs, avoiding "Anti-Tank" hate gangs that seek out In-Vitros for brutalization and other crimes. Even as social and political pressures mounted to grant In-Vitros status within human society, Hawkes fended for himself in a hostile world, surviving savage lessons, never quite understanding society. Experience had taught him that life is an ongoing series of fights and challenges.

Alive for only six harsh years, Hawkes was arrested and brought before a judge who, instead of incarcerating him, sentenced him to a term in the Marine Corps. Initially, Hawkes refused to cooperate, delighting when training sessions end in failure, not only for him but also for the others in his class. In due time, however, thrown into actual combat, he can't help but learn that cooperation means survival. Eventually, he discovers that his life has little meaning without his friends in the 58th.

Complicated yet childlike, Hawkes develops a fascination for late 20th century rock music and opens up in ways that often puts others ill at ease. At first, he is not comfortable with "natural-borns" and seeks the company of McQueen, his commanding officer and fellow In-Vitro. As time passes, he matures into a disciplined sharp shooter and skilled pilot, call sign "Jack of Spades." He even declines an early honorable discharge to remain with the only family he has ever known, the Wildcards.

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Hawkes on the streets Hawkes on the streets   Morgan and Wong talk about Hawkes Morgan and Wong talk about Hawkes
What would you die for? What would you die for?   In-Vitros are bad gamblers In-Vitros are bad gamblers
How do you know what humans are feeling? How do you know what humans are feeling?   Who said you're human? Who said you're human?
Kate Kate   It's like I miss you It's like i miss you
I'm Cooper Hawkes I'm Cooper Hawkes   It's an In-Vitro thing! It's an In-Vitro thing!
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