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Updated 30 Jan 2004

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Space: Above and Beyond  
Nathan West
Shane Vansen
Cooper Hawkes
Paul Wang
T.C. McQueen
Commodore Ross
Kelly WInslow

Vanessa Damphousse
Played by Lanei Chapman


Vanessa Damphousse seemed the least likely candidate for the armed services. Coming from a well-to-do New York family, she attended the California Institute of Technology on scholarship, earning a degree in Nuclear Physics. She interned at a nuclear power plant and went on to earn a Master's degree in Engineering. But Damphousse felt she lacked direction so, in an effort to bring structure to her life, she joined the Marines.

Leaving behind her finance and his young daughter, she completed the Accelerated Flight Training Program and was eventually assigned to the 58th squadron, taking on the call sign "Ace of Hearts."

As the most technically proficient member of the Wildcards, First Lieutenant Damphousse handles the engineering and communications tasks easily and with confidence. She is also the "Heart" of the 58th, treating her squad mates and others with warmth and understanding.

It is perhaps her empathy and sensitivity for others that exposes a sixth sense talent. For a while, Damphousse senses that death is about to take a member of the team, a talent that never manifests itself again after she senses her own death, but another Marine dies instead.

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I'm not a lot of people I'm not a lot of people   Damphousse's gift Damphousse's gift
Can I get you two a room? Can I get you two a room?   We done our best: Vansen and Damphousse We done our best: Vansen and Damphousse
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