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Continental Europe Archaeology

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Books from

New Directions in Scandinavian Archaeology

Multivariate Archaeology: Numerical Approaches in Scandinavian Archaeology

Everyday and Exotic Pottery from Europe, C. 600-1900

Context of a Late Neandertal: Implications of Multidisciplinary Research for the Transistion to Upper Paleolithic Adaptations at Saint-Cesaire

The Archaeology of Solvieux: An Upper Paleolithic Open Air Site in France

Aurignacian Lithic Economy - Ecological Perspectives from Southwestern France

The Archaeology of Brittany, Normandy and the Channel Islands: An Introduction and Guide

La grotte Cosquer : plongée dans la préhistoire

Roman Remains of Northern and Eastern France

Excavation of the Abri Pataud Les Eyzies (Dordogne, Part 3: Perigordian VI)

Ancient France 6000-2000 B.C.: Neolithic Societies and Their Landscapes

The East Brittany Survey: Fieldwork and Field Data

Pyrenean Prehistory: A Palaeoeconomic Survey of the French Sites

Vandals to Visigoths: Rural Settlement Patterns in Early Medieval Spain

Roman Provincial Capital and Its Hinterland: The Survey of the Territory of Tarragona, Spain

Iberia Before the Iberians: The Stone Age Prehistory of Cantabrian Spain

Prehistoric Iberia - Genetics, Anthropology, and Linguistics

Greek Pottery from the Iberian Peninsula: Archaic and Classical Periods

The Archaeology of the Iberians: Culture Contact and Culture Change in Iron-Age Europe

The Iberian Stones Speak: Archaeology in Spain and Portugal

The Origins of Complex Societies in Late Prehistoric Iberia

Social Complexity and the Development of Towns in Iberia: From the Copper Age to the Second Century A.D.

Morgantina Studies

Dynastic Porphyry Tombs of the Norman Period in Sicily

Ancient Sicily

Les Paliques, dieux jumeaux siciliens

Megara Hyblaia and Selinous: Two Greek City-States in Archaic Sicily

Books from

A Comparative Study of Prehistoric Foragers in Europe and North America: Cultural Responses to the End of the Ice Age

Malta's Ancient Temples and Ruts

Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece
12 in. x 12 in.
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