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Surname Genealogy Books

217 Family History Books
Locate Friends and Family

Surnames of Wales

Surnames in Ireland

Surnames of Ireland

Irish Surnames

Sloinnte Uile Eireann: All Ireland Surnames

The Surnames of Scotland

The Surnames of Leicestershire and Rutland

Cornish Names

Our Italian Surnames

Book of African Names

African Names & Naming

Names from Africa

Traditional African Names

A Swahili Book of Names

Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Russian Empire

Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from the Kingdom of Poland

Jewish Surnames in Prague - 15Th-18th Centuries

Atlas of British Surnames
Atlas of British Surnames

Scottish Surnames
Scottish Surnames

Scottish Surnames
Scottish Surnames

The Book of Ulster Surnames
The Book of Ulster Surnames

Dictionary of Muslim Names
Dictionary of Muslim Names


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