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Salvaged Treasures

This page makes some attempt to unite photographs and documents with their rightful owners, that being the descendants of the people in the photographs or mentioned in the documents. While browsing some local antique shops, I started looking through old photographs and realized with some sadness that I touched treasures belonging to someone out there, someone who may not know they existed. I bought as many as I could and hope you find a lost treasure here. If you do, please send me so I can send the item to you for a small fee to cover the cost of the item and priority shipping.

Identified Photographs

If the photo has any handwritten notes, I have posted them in quotation marks.

Portrait of infant boy"Frederick Aaron, born Feb 25, 1873"None"This picture taken Aug 4th 1873"
Portrait of mature gentleman"George Orlando Adams, Pearl's husband"Lawrence, MANone; c.1910s
Portrait of mother and infant of 5 monthsMargaret Armstrong and son WylieTorontoNone; c.1880s
Portrait of infant girl; age 9 mo, 1 dayRuth Astte(?)Hutchinson, KSNone; c.1880s
Family portraitBailey FamilyNone1910
Portrait of family"Tanta Barbchen and Mamma with their parents -- My Grandparents"Witzenhausen, GermanyNone; c.1890s
Portrait of two young womenHallie and Ruby BarnesGalveston or Austin, TXJun 24, 1898
Snapshot of family at Model A (?) Ford"Estelle and her first husband Frank Blue and his mother"NoneNone; c.1920s
Portrait of ladyMrs. Frederick(?) Botham(?); also: "Sister of William Keith"Southbridge, MANone; c.1890s
Portrait of coupleMr. and Mrs. BramallOmaha, NENone; c.1910s
Portrait of young womanCarrie W. BuchananMount Vernon, INNone; c.1890s
Portrait of two boys, both in high-button shoesThomas Adams Burnes(?) John Burnes (?)Lancaster, PANone; c.1890s
Portrait of two young women"This is Ava and one of my lady friends Miss Tilora Burrow"(?)NoneNone; c.1890s
Portrait of bearded gentlemanGrandpa ButterfieldFitchburg, MANone; c.1890s
Portrait of ladyGrandma ButterfieldFitchburg, MANone; c.1890s
Portrait of mature womanMary Elizabeth ChaseNew Bedford, MANone; c.1910s
Portrait of mustachioed gentleman"Uncle Frank Chase" (Chace?)Faunton, MANone; c.1890s
Portrait of bearded gentlemanRev. Oliver E. CobbNew York, NYNone; c.1900s
Portrait of little boy; age: 9Glen Dabney; also: "My brother; He died several years ago; I wish he could be here now (1965); he was 24 when he died; handsome & loveable"Cleburne, TXNone; c.1900s
Portrait of two little girlsHallie and Eva DabneyCleburne, TX?None; c.1880s
Snapshots of two young womenEmma Blanchard and Hallie Dabney(?); also: Em = Tom's(?) sisterWashington, D.C., probably on vacationNone; c.1900s
Portrait of bearded gentleman w/ stove-pipe hat"Your son, Charles"; also on the back: "Charles Duel, 2nd husband of Grandmother Sister Duel"New York, NYNone; c.1860s
Postcard portrait of two mature ladies"From Cousin Mary Eby 1011 Frye Ave, Peoria, IL, to Phebe A. Neff, Walnut Iowa"Peoria, ILNone; c.1920s
Portrait of young boyRichard G. Filbert; Also on back: "In copy of Civil War Uniform"Philadelphia, PANone; c.1880s
Portrait of young boyHarold FranceNoneNone; c.1900s
Portrait of mature womanMrs. Mollie HarrisonBurnet, TXNone; c.1900s
Portrait of man, woman, & childSeah(?) Good and husbandStuttgart, ARNone; c.1890s
School portrait of young boy>Keith Grubbs, "7 yr old, Peg - Bill boy"Possibly Marion Country, AR1963
Portrait of young woman: age 20Alma Jane HylandHarlan, IAJuly 1904
Postcard portrait of young girl; age: 10
Clarabelle JacksonNoneNone; c.1910s
Miniature of elderly lady
Emma E. Jackson; Also on back: "From Mother to Harry" and "grandmother of Clarabelle"None1908
Portrait Proof of elderly lady
Emma E. Jackson; also on back: "Harry's mother" and "Clarabelle's grandmother" and "Died at 93"NoneNone; c.1900s
Postcard portrait of two women
Clara Charlotta Carlson; also on back: "Della Jackson's mother?" and "Clarabelle's grandmother"SwedenNone; c.1890s
Snapshot of elderly gentleman
Harry Devere Jackson; also on back: "Clarabelle's and Leonard's dad" and "Before Mom died in 1934"None; c.1930s
Snapshot of family on porch
Emma Jackson, Bertha Traub, Eva, Edith, Ruth, and GladysNoneNone; c.1910s
Tintype portrait of family
Len Carlson, Clara Charlotte Carlson, Della Theresa, Jennie, and Andy W. ; Also on back: "Taken before Albin was born; taken in Sweden or just after arriving in U.S.A."Sweden or USNone; c.1880s
Tintype portrait of couple
"Clarabelle's Aunt Etta Jackson Traub and her husband John? Traub"NoneNone; c.1880s
Graduation photo of young womanPearl Keller or Kellar(?)Meade, KS(?)None; c.1910s
Portrait of coupleT.H. Kerr and Alison Young; also: "Robert Kerr"Edinburgh, ScotlandNone; c.1900s
Portrait of infant boy; age: 6 monthsWarren H. KnappPottstown, PANone; c.1900s
Tintype portrait of young girlLaura LatchNone1893
Snapshot of little girl; age: 5Lida Ruth LongNone1929
Family portraitLundburg family: Ada, Rose, Annie, Alice, Ida, MartinJamestown, NYJul 4, 1907
Family portraitLundburg family: Rose, Ida, Annie, Alice, Ada, Matilda, Peter, MartinJamestown, NY(?)Jul 4, 1909
Portrait of two young womenIda and Rose LundburgJamestown, NYNone; c.1900s
Portrait of young womanRose Laura Lundburg BlairJamestown, NYNone; c.1900s
Portrait of man in uniformL. McDonellNoneNone; c.1880s
Portrait of young girl with mandolinBlanche R. MendelFt. Worth, TXMar 27, 1894
Portrait of young woman; age: 17 Ruth MillerDansville, NY1904
Portrait of woman with BibleMrs MitchellPenrith, EnglandNone; c.1900s
Portrait of mature lady"Aunt Olive Myers"NoneNone; c.1900s
Portrait of two young womenLeona, Ruth NeffWalnut, IANone; c.1900s
Portrait of young boy; age: 5?Clarence Lewis Nugent; also on back: "Born 1892"Ardmore, IN?None; c.1890s
Portrait of familyParsons FamilyPeru, INAug 23, 1887
Portrait of young womanLona PiersonNoneNone; c.1890s
Snapshot of young girlDorothy Porter (Potter?); also on back: "Grandmother, this is me when I was over to Attilee's(?) house playing lady we were all dressed up."NoneNone; c.1940s
Portrait of toddlerLenore Pritchard or Pritehard(?)NoneNone; c.1900s
Portrait of infant girl; age: 4 moLoretta Marie ReickIndianapolis, IN1892
Portrait of young manDr. Reylus(?); also: "died 13 of May 1910"Ashland, OHNone; c.1900s
Portrait of toddler; age: 2William Parnell RooneyWeston, WV(?)None; c.1900s
Snapshot of woman in hat"Ella Sackman from Mo."NoneNone; c.1930s
Portrait of young woman in costumeMiss Lina(?) SandsKenosha, WINone; c.1920s
Graduation photo of young womanHerma SchlmoLarson, Wichita, KSNone; c.1930s
Portrait of infant girl; age: 5 moGladys Irene ShattuckNoneNone; c.1890s
Snapshot of girl with foot on auto running board; age:13"Mrs Shaw from Allegra Mullen"San Antonio, TX1942
Portrait of young womanShirley "Deen" SiebelsHarlan, IANone; c.1930s
Portrait of two gentlemenCharles Hill, Robert Sloss; also on back: "Taken just before I took the train leaving Wash for Cal"Washington(?)None; c.1900s
Portrait of two childrenJamie and Alice SterlingSuther, MI?None; c.1900s
Portrait of young womanMay StewardNoneNone; c.1910s
Portrait of young womanMary Ruth Dietzler SwopeLouisville, KYNone; c.1880s
Portrait of infant boy; age: 7 moPaul David ThomasQuincy, ILNone; c.1920s
Portrait of little boy and dogGuy TiemannLa Grange, TXNone; c.1890s
Portrait of mature ladyMrs. E. Charlotte Harrington; also: "E. Marian Webb's mother"Eureka, KS or TX?1889
Portrait of ladyEtta H. Webb; also: "In my library in Houston" and "1716 Jackson St"Houston, TX1899
Portrait of infant boyPaul Wehrle; "Born Dec 12, 1906Meade, KSNone; c.1900s
Family portrait"Four generations: Grandma Wehrle, John Wehrle, Great Grandmother Caire, Paul Wehrle"NoneNone; c.1900s
Portrait of young man"Yours Truly, Walter D. Wood"Philadelphia, PANone; c.1910s
Portrait of toddler; age: 2 1/2 yrs oldVelma S. Zek(?) Also written on the back: "Dalinda Somberger"Albany NYNone; c.1900s
Snapshot of Phi Beta Pi
Lester L. (Babe) Harwell (Horwell?), Mrs. Ella Spehrling, Douglas A. Jackson, Marvin Davis, William (Bill) Jeffreys, Jim Jarvis, J. Blanchard Borger, Asa Barnes, William S. (Bill) Wells, Clint L. Miller, Wallace C. Beil, William S. (Bob) Wells, John Kennedy, Hugh G. Hamilton, Frank T. (Tiny) Kerr, Fred (Swede) Olson, James A. Athens, Lance MonroeNone1929
Portraits of young girlsHilda Denoird, Katherine Andrews, Portia Walker, Evelyn McCarthy, Hazel PeckNone1913
Family portrait: man, daughter, wifeWill, Hattie, and WillieNoneNone; c.1900s
Portrait of young girlElizabeth AnneCavan, IrelandNone; c.1900s
Portrait on young womanPearlNoneNone; c.1920s
Portrait of infant boyLewis, Jr.; also on back: "Born Oct 2, 1912"NoneNone; c.1910s
Portrait of young womanJenny; also on back: "Mother's cousin in Sweden"SwedenNone; c.1880s

Unidentified Photographs

I plan to scan the images later and give you links to access them.

DescriptionScanned ImagesLocationDate
Two young girlsImage 01Reading, PANone, c.1900s
Young Woman in tiaraImage 02NoneNone, c.1890s
Bearded GentlemanImage 03Worcester, MANone, c.1880s
Seated Mustachioed GentlemanImage 04NoneNone, c.1910s
Young WomanImage 05None1903
Young WomanImage 06Norwich, CTNone, c.1880s
Young WomanImage 07Fermanagh, Ireland?None, c.1910s
Mustachioed GentlemanImage 08Reading, PANone, c.1900s
Bearded GentlemanImage Hopkinsville, KY1878
African-American LadyImage NoneAug 29, 1901
African-American LadyImageKansas City, KSNone, c.1920s
Young woman; age: 16ImageMaysville, MO1891
Young womanImageSt. Mary's, OH1880s


V-MailWritten by Pvt. Jack Fenwick while he was stationed in England during WWII. He sent the letter to Mr. L Oravetz and Family of 240 East 218th Street in Euclid, Ohio. Written in England to family in OhioThe V-Mail passed the Army Examiners and received its Censors Stamp on 23 May 1944.
Rent ReceiptsFrom Miss Clara Linly to George S. Bartlett, AgentSouthgate, KYFeb 28 and Mar 2, 1907
Warranty DeedFrom Nelson Stevens and his wife Fannie E. Stevens (sellers) to N.S. Stevens (buyer); Witnesses: J.N. Altman and W.W. Melaullaugh(?)Clermont County, OHProperty bought by Nelson Stevens Jun 18,1887; transferred to N.S.Stevens Feb 11, 1888
Insurance PoliciesGeo. F. McCullough & Sons; C.T. McKibber & Sons, AgentsPoint Isabel, Clermont County, OH; Moscow, OHMay 1, 1889 & 1890


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