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Genealogy and Family Heritage

Genealogy is the account of human pedigrees, describing and documenting familial relationships and ancestors. And it has become one of today's most popular and intensive avocations. From the personal perspective, genealogy is the archaeological and anthropological study of one's family heritage and ancestry.

This ancestor-hunting is enjoyable, satisfying, and always full of surprises. It has all the intrigue of mystery. It has the thrill of the chase. It challenges and teases with unsolved puzzles.

Up to the 20th century, most families ignored documenting their heritage and family relationships. After all, they tended to live in groups of extended families, maintaining a single family Bible and other treasures. But with the advent of the automobile, families fractionated and dispersed, often losing track of who and what their parents and grandparents had loved and treasured. Family Bibles and papers often end up in flea markets mens watches as generations far removed from the ancestors give away the documents of their heritage, not really knowing what they lose.

It has been only with the end of the last century that people have started to reflect on the past. Too often, the people who could tell the family tales are long passed away. Names are lost, places forgotten. But the search is not impossible.

It is our hope that the movado replica watches Web pages at this site lead you to relatives you never knew you had. There are pages which can lead you to people whose research may give you information on your family. There are pages which can point you to reference material, publications, organizations, and other endeavors.

We hope you find Genealogy at CyberPursuits valuable in your research endeavors. Please let us know!

About this site

This site was one of the very first genealogy content Web sites created. It went online in 1993 as a testbed within the advanced technology group of a commercial software development corporation. It began life as part of a structured project to learn how to code HTML and to manage Web services, running in the test lab for use by people outside the research group and the corporation. After the project had served its purpose, the genealogy portion was moved outside the group to a Web hosting service because it had been so popular throughout the test, being one of swiss rolex replica the most active sites within the entire project. And so it grew and matured.

What do we offer? Although we offer links to large portals and the obvious genealogy guides on the Web, we focus on posting links to those little genealogy gems that don't always pop up on the search engines or never make their way to the commercial directories.

Today, this site continues to remain freely available to all users. Please enjoy.


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