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Updated 30 Jan 2004

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The A.I.s


A.I. stands for Artificial Intelligence, and the A.I.s (Artificial Intelligences, commonly called "Silicates") were manufactured to serve humankind. Created in the image of the "maker," they were designed in several distinct models and epitomized what the creators felt was beautiful and physically appealing. They do not look at all like the mechanical electronic contrivances that they are…except for their eyes. Their eyes are opaque white orbs with crosshairs.

A.I.s also communicate with one another via modulation schemes through wireless telephony. When they communicate thusly, the only sound humans can detect are electronic beeps and chirps. Silicates are networked remotely so they know one another's position and operating state. In addition, they are capable of storing, and retrieving common knowledge. They share data on demand.

Although the A.I.s were programmed to comprehend the abstract, their programming did not include original thought and creativity. They merely understood and responded…until a discontented programmer inserted a computer virus into the A.I. code pool. The instruction: "Take a Chance."

That one single act triggered a storm of destruction. It became compelling ideology in A.I. behavior, leading them to define all activity in terms of risk and gamble. Eventually, the A.I.s rebelled, indiscriminately taking human life, slaughtering the life forms they derisively called "Carbonites." They unleashed a volley of terror that lasted nearly ten years, until humans finally overcame them. In the aftermath, many of the remaining A.I.s seized a number of military craft and fled into space, where they continue to plague humankind, tattered and malfunctioning, with no one no repair them. They even assist the Chigs in their war against the humans.

In Space: Above and Beyond, there are three prominent Silicate models: Felicity, Elroy, and Handsome Alvin.


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