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Shaun Cassidy had a masterpiece on his hands when he, Sam Raimi, and Robert Tabert conceived and produced 'American Gothic.' The critics loved the show; the fans were picking their jaws up off the floor then eagerly awaiting the next episode the next Friday. The dialog is wry, witty, and portentous as it paces perfectly with the plotlines. 'American Gothic' is black humor mixed with good-old-boy attitude and a healthy smidgen of the creepy. Its atmosphere is dual-edged with its light, bright, and friendly Southern air tainted with the dark, brooding, and erotic nature of the one man who keeps Trinity together.

Trinity -- a name that inspires sanctity and salvation. The name belies the town, for at the very heart of Trinity is Sheriff Lucas Buck, a man of many powers, a man with supernatural sway, a man always at the fringe of your vision, a man proud to take care of his people, to watch out for his town. Trinity belongs to Buck. It is his willling burden. Make no mistake about that.

Sheriff Lucas Buck is the 'American Gothic' centerpiece, and there are moments when you are not quite convinced that he is as otherworldly evil as the dialog and storyline tell you he is. You see a bit of the 'savior' in him, and the image rips into everything you ever felt about saviors. In fact, 'American Gothic' rips into everything you ever felt about sleepy little Southern towns with their friendly smiles, and willingness to say hello and get you on your soon and as politely as possible.

'American Gothic' characters have profound virtues and the deepest flaws, and they all revolve around Sheriff Buck. There is the soft-spoken, nurturing school teacher who is a sultry seductress. There is the hard-nosed reporter who comes to Trinity only to face her weaker self and a past more myth than reality. There is the deputy who respects Lucas as much as he fears him. There is the doctor who buries himself in the Fulton County Hospital to hide far away from himself. There is the dead Merlyn, sister to the little hero Caleb Temple, as vengeful as she is angelic. And of course, there is Caleb, the innocent yet wise-beyond-his-years orphan who is the focal point of the Sheriff's attention.

Here are some 'Trinity Moments' -- creepy, darkly witty, touching, and very memorable interludes from the series 'American Gothic.' Enjoy!

Buck with a "B"

Fit of Passion

Tetanus Shot



Like Family

Get Along

Potato Boy

Alien Beings



Do Your Thing

Make the Effort

1000 Uses

Blood Money

Caleb's Roar

Just Hang On


Caleb's Dream

Omar's Burial


Who am I?

Merlyn's Coffin

Buck Fools Merlyn

Call Girl

Merlyn's Locket

Our Lady

Spider to the Fly


Dead Sister

Come Back For You


A Deal's a Deal

Can't Kill
Me Twice



Watch Your Step

No Heart, No Soul

Plague Sower


Dr. Matt's

Lucas Explains

Going Fishing

How to Eat
a Tuna

Selena Eats a
Tuna Sandwich

Safe Sex
Safe Love

What's a
Girl to Do

Tonight, 9 O'Clock
the Pool Table

More Spider
to the Fly

Would You Change
Me If You Could?

Ben's Dilemma

All the Good
Ones Are Dead

Go Kill Yourself

Gail's Regret


Another Ultrasound

There's No Running

Lucas Calls
Him Forth

Trash Can

On the Side
of Angels

Caleb's Power

When I Want
An Opinion...

Not Safe Sex

The Heir and
the Spare

He's Dead

Three Ladies
and a Funeral

Lucas in His Coffin

Want to Trade Places?

Hardy Boys

We'll Get By


These Trininty Moments are just samples of what you experience with the series.
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