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American Gothic Title

American Gothic was cancelled by CBS, not because the show was bad,
but because the network wasn't sure what to do with it. It has been seen around the
world...several times. It is a show of such intrigue and appeal that its fan base continues
to grow, and they always want more.

Updated 28 July 2009

Lucas Buck played by Gary Cole

Sheriff Lucas Buck, played by Gary Cole
Theme and Intro to Pilot Episode by Sheriff Lucas Buck

Merlyn Temple, Caleb's murdered sister, now a ghost, played by Sarah Paulson

Merlyn's message on the door
"Someone's at the door"

Gail Emory, Caleb's cousin, played by Paige Turco

The Temple House
Episode Guide

Caleb Temple, son of Sheriff Buck who raped Caleb's mother
Video Results

Selena Coombs, played by Brenda Bakke, the sultry lover of Lucas Buck, played by Gary Cole
Google Directory

Gail Emory, Caleb's cousin who arrives in town upon hearing of Meryln's death
Internet Movie Database

Selena Coombs, school teacher by day, seductress by night
Yahoo List

Caleb Temple, the youthful hero, played by Lucas Black
SciFi on TV

Requiem, An American Gothic Fan Site
Absolutely American Gothic
Virtual Trinity
Gothic-Rose: Destiny's Bitter-Sweet Seduction - American Gothic
American Gothic Trinity's Heart
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Sheriff Lucas Buck, the dark and mysterious anti-hero Buck Mansion
American Gothic Czechoslovakia
American Gothic Italy
Trinity Communications Center
Clement's American Gothic Site
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Fire Escape's American Gothic Tribute
'American Gothic' retells eerie backwoods drama
American Gothic at Playback, the Home of Cult TV
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Videos and Clips Online
Trinity Moments
Pilot Episode
American Gothic Episodes - AOL TV
American Gothic Episodes - AOL Video
American Gothic Trailer
Surf the Channel for American Gothic


Cast and Production Staff
Gail Emory, the woman who attracts Lucas' amorous attentions with her determination to ruin him and expose him as the perpetrator of crimes against her family Gary Cole Archives
Gary Cole in the IMDB
Lucas Black
The mysterious raven Lucas in the Limelight
Lucas Black in the IMDB
Brenda Bakke
Brenda Bakke in the IMDB
Nick Searcy
Nick Searcy in the IMDB
Shaun Cassidy Fan Club
Shaun Cassidy in the IMDB
Video Results for Shaun Cassidy
Sam Raimi Web Site
Sam Raimi in the IMDB
Paige Turco in the IMDB
Jake Weber Tribute Page
Jake Weber in the IMDB
Sarah Paulson in the IMDB
John Mese in the IMDB

Fan Fiction
American Gothic Fan Fiction Archive
Destiny's Gateway Romantic Fan Fiction
Lucas Buck sees all

Windows Themes


                  Ben Healy, the Deputy, played by Nick Searcy            Dr. Billy Peale from the CDC, played by John Mese
Videos and Clips Online
Cast and Production Staff
Fan Fiction
Windows Themes
Opening Page
Lucas Buck, Gail Emory, Dr. Matt Crower, Caleb Temple
Lucas Buck, the sheriff with his own way of ensuring community peace; played by Gary Cole
Selena Coombs, played by Brenda Bakke, in her first appearance
Dr. Matt Crower, the hospital resident who stands up to Sheriff Buck; played by Jake Weber
Sheriff Lucas Buck, the evil presence in the community of Trinity, 'his town'; played by Gary Cole
Meryln Temple, the dead sister who returns to protect her brother Caleb from the man who murdered her, Sheriff Buck; played by Sarah Paulson
Selena Coombs and her yellow Corvette; played by Brenda Bakke

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