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Patrick McKenna
A Photo Essay

Gemini Award
The New Red Green Show
Second City Television
Elvis Meets Nixon
The Real Howard Spitz
Due South
Kung Fu: The Legend Continues
Forever Knight
Who's Harry Crumb?
Ordinary Magic
 Traders Internet Movie Database  
In this award-winning TV series, Mr. McKenna plays Marty Stephens, the results-oriented head trader and "pit boss" of the Gardner Ross trading floor. He likes a good trade and pushes his workday life to frenetic extremes. He likes to make noise on Bay Street and let it know that Marty is on top. He likes to make money -- lots of it -- and take risks with fortunes, especially the bank's. Mr. McKenna’s character "Marty" is so popular that real life traders who behave in a wild and crazy fashion on the trading floor are said to be "doing a Marty." For his role as Marty Stephens, Mr. McKenna was honored with the 1998 Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role. He has also won the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series. Traders has twice won the Gemini award for Best Dramatic Series.

  "OK. Whoop! Whoop! Dive! Dive, people! We got our window. Let's sell hard."
  Video Clip (1.3M)

  "Excuse me? Whoa! Who's the gladiator in the pit day after day? Huh? Who slays your dragons? Who jousts as your champion against other banks? I am the Black Knight of Bay Street."

  "Oh, do you mean do I have any miracles that will keep our collectives balls from being nailed to a post? Pardon me. Collective balls and ovaries."
  "This is the Church of Money and I am the Pope."

  Video Clip (528kb)
  "Go liquid. The wetter, the better. I don't want anybody being able to screw us."
  "That laughter better be because you're kissing somebody's ass at the other end of that phone line."

Traders is copyright Atlantis/Alliance. 1995-1999

Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television  
Patrick McKenna accepting his Gemini Award

 The New Red Green Show Official Web Site  
Videos and Merchandise  
Internet Movie Database  
In this comedy TV series, Mr. McKenna plays Harold, the nerdy teen-age nephew of Red Green, Lodge Leader of Possom Lodge, a place where men can bond and discover ever more creative uses for duct tape.

  "You're wrong about what gives people zits, and you're wrong about what makes teenagers go blind."
  "Huh-Ha! Under the 'R.' Wrong!"
  "Me? No way! No, uh-uh, no, no, no. No."
  "Welcome to the Expert portion of the show. This is the part of the program where we like to exmaine those three little words that men find so hard to say: I Don't Know. Huh-Ha! That's good."
  "Oh! Oh! --" (You really must listen to appreciate this.)
  Video Clip (978kb)
  Video Clip (698kb)
  Video Clip (533kb)

  "It's the Possom Lodge Word Game. You know everybody dreams about a two-week vacation in Hawaii. Well, now you can do more than just dream about it! Ha-ha! Now, you can sit down and plan it out on your brand new pad of paper!"
  Harold: "Boy, people who don't even like the show are watching it now, ya know. It's like we're some big American network program or somethin'. Uncle Red, that is the power of hype. Hype works. Hype is cool. You don't have to have talent, good looks, brains, nothing, if you got enough hype."
Red Green: "You know I was thinking hype could really help you, Harold. You're hyper now, so just back off one letter, and you're there."
The New Red Green Show is copyright S&S Productions. 1991-1999

 Elvis meets Nixon Internet Movie Database  
In this comedy, Mr. McKenna played Randy Davis, an Airline Ticket Supervisor.
  Video Clip (654kb)
  "Oh, no, no. Are you sure you don't have a credit card, like a BankAmericard, MasterCharge, or somethin' like that?"
  Randy: "Allow me to escort you to the VIP lounge" Elvis: "Well, I appreciate that now, Randy. Hey, you -- uh -- you got any food in there? I missed dinner." Randy: "Oh, yeah, yeah. We got fruit and cheese and crackers and cookies and all-you-can-eat shrimp. After that, I just take you right onto the plane. we can just bypass Security. I mean we know your'e not armed and dangerous, don't we?"
Elvis Meets Nixon is copyright Showtime Networks, Inc. 1997

 Forever Knight Forever Knight Fan Web Site  
SciFi Channel Web Site  
Internet Movie Database  
In this dramatic TV series, Mr. McKenna was a guest star twice. In "Dance by the Light of the Moon," he portrayed the manager of a dark and smoky exotic dance club. In "Spin Doctor," he played a TV reporter covering a mayorial campaign.
"Dance by the Light of the Moon"
  "Look. A lot of guys come in here. I don't keep track. OK?"
  "Serena! Sexy, sexy Serena! All right, ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together and let's hear it for Miss Parisse."
"Spin Doctor" (Yes, that is Lisa Howard from "The Highlander" and "Earth: Final Conflict.")
  "Do you think the Rothweiller issue's going to hurt your chances?"
  "According to the 'National Intruder,' the double homocide last night at the Percival Hotel has been somehow linked to your bid for the mayor's office."
Forever Knight is copyright Sony Pictures. 1992-95

 E.N.G. Internet Movie Database  
In this dramatic TV series, Mr. McKenna guest starred in the episode "The Big Sleepover" as Pete, a producer who has been approached to produce a commercial about a restaurant.
  "It's a dump. I'm supposed to make this place look trendy? Can you believe that? I wouldn't be caught dead in here. The fish looks good though. That ain't bad."
  Kimberly, Pete's Date: "His wife." Pete: "I'm supposed to be in New York. You're with Kimberly. Darling! Hi! What are you doing here?" Pete's Wife: I called your office." Pete: "Oh yeah? Well, I had, uh, I had this last minute meeting. I had to take it. You know, and uh, I'm just gonna get on the next flight."
E.N.G. is copyright Alliance Communications Corporation. 1989-1994

 Due South Official Web Site  
Internet Movie Database  
In this TV series, Mr. McKenna guest starred in the episode "Pizzas and Promises" as Gary Redfield, an eight-time Salesman of the Month used car salesman running a stolen car ring.
  "Good morning, people. I've got a couple of announcements of importance for everyone so take a minute to listen up here. Alrighty? Item one: Try selling cars."
  Video Clip (273kb)
  "We're not gonna shoot anybody. We're just gonna tie 'em up and get on a plane and get out of here, like we planned."

Due South is copyright Alliance Communications. 1994-1996

 Kung Fu: the Legend Continues Internet Movie Database  
In this TV series, Mr. McKenna guest starred in the episode "Quake" as Paul Snyder, an attorney trapped in an elevator as an earthquake strikes the city.

  "Of course it's dead. We just suffered an earthquake. All forms of communication are gonna be dead."

  "Heh, heh, heh. I'm trying to say something meaningful. It doesn't happen often. You wanna work with me?"
  Video Clip (500kb)
  "Stop what? Pacing? Sorry. Is it bothering you? I'm a little agitated! One more aftershock and these emergency brakes are gonna give, and then it's gonna be bye-bye, Baby!. Right to the bottom of the elevator shaft!"
Kung Fu is copyright Warner Bros. Distributing (Canada) Limited in Trust. 1992-1995

 The Real Howard Spitz Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this comedy film, Mr. McKenna plays Roger, an actor hired by the real Howard Spitz to stand in for him on kids' shows and tours. The real Howard Spitz is a children's author who doesn't like children.

  "Hi, my name is Crafty Cow. That's a picture of me. I drew it myself."
  "And so, Crafty freed the old man, and she said, 'I know you're innocent. I believe in you even if nobody else does. It's true!'"
  Spitz: "What's the matter with you?" Roger: "I didn't know what to say." Spitz: "Just make something up" Roger: "I can't work without a script; I freeze up. I have never been good at improvisation." Spitz: "Alright, listen, when they come back from commercial, you're going to tell them exactly how you came up with the idea of Crafty Cow." Roger: "I am? How? How?" Spitz: "Alright, you were driving in the countryside; a lovely cow mooed at you and that's when you got the idea." Roger: "Oh gosh, that's nice." Spitz: "Thank you!" Roger: "You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to improvise, yeah, yeah. I'm going to make you so proud."

  "I like cows a lot. You know, I -- I admire cows."
  "Oh, I love signing autographs!'"
The Real Howard Spitz is copyright Nova Scotia Film Development Corp. 1998

 Robocop Internet Movie Database  
In this TV series, Mr. McKenna played Umberto Ortega, a promoter.
  Video Clip (326kb)
Robocop is copyright Robocop Productions, Ltd. 1994

 Second City Television Official Web Site  
Internet Movie Database  
Mr. McKenna is a Second City alumnus, and participated in the 1998 SCTV anniversary.

  "Still alive, are we, sir?."

  "Good! Excellent choice! Excellent choice!. But your words, sir, your words will be much better than his. Your words will be etched in stone for years. I'm going to put a heading: Last Words. That's what I'm doing. Last Words. Ready on your ready, sir "
Second City Television is copyright Old Firehall T.V. Productions and Allarcom Limited 1998

 Who's Harry Crumb? Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Mr. McKenna played a small role as an actor in a 1940s black and white movie on television.
  "With my brains and your brown eyes, we're going places. Big places. We'll get the loot and we'll go straight to the airport. I got tickets booked under a false name."
  TV Woman: "But what about the girl?" TV Man: "Forget the girl. We don't need her anymore, not where we're going." TV Woman: "You mean -- " TV Man: "That's right, baby. Buenos Aires."
Who's Harry Crumb? is copyright TriStar Pictures, Inc, National Broadcasting Company, Inc, 1989

 Ordinary magic Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Mr. McKenna played a television reporter having difficulty pronouncing an Indian name for a peaceful protest.
  "And here we are in day four of Sashigreeha graha--gra--gra...we'll go again right away. And here we are in day four of Sishigree--ha--ooo--all right."
  Video Clip (434kb)
Ordinary Magic is copyright The Film Works 1993

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