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He was brought across in 1228. Preyed on humans for their blood.
Now, he wants to be mortal again, to repay society for his sins,
to emerge from his World of Darkness, from his endless Forever Night.

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Updated 29 July 2009
Detective Nick Knight, played by Geraint Wyn Davies

Janette, owner of the dark and erotic Raven club; Nick's vampire lover and companion for over 700 years, played by Deborah Duchêne

Dr. Natalie Lambert, Coroner; played by Catherine Disher

Nick in the Raven, the club owned by Janette
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Nick, in one of those moments
Special Effects


Nicholas de Brabant and Janette, in an earlier century

Lucien LaCroix, sire of both Nick and Janette; late night call-in radio show host called the 'Night crawler' on CERK; played by Nigel Bennett
Night Crawler

Janette and her gloves
The Deborah Duchene Glove Gallery


Janette's nightclub The Raven
Forever Knight
Radio Program

A weak Nick feeding on Janette
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Javier Vachon, a 300-year-old Spanish vampire played by Ben Bass
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Don Schanke, Nick's partner; played by John Kapelos
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Dr. Natalie Lambert, Coroner; played by Catherine Disher
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Caption Cohen

Nick and Nat, played by Geraint Wyn Davies and Catherine Disher

Nick Knight
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The dark and voluptuous Janette, approaching Nicholas, who has been recently sired by LaCroix
Cast and Production Staff
Videos and Clips Online
Fan Fiction
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Nick Knight, taking refuge from the sun in the trunk of his 1961 Cadillac
Nick Knight, played by Geraint Wyn Davies
Janette at the Raven, played by Deborah Duchêne
Nick Knight and his long time love, Janette, played by Geraint Wyn Davies and Deborah Duchêne
Detective Nick Knight and Coroner Dr. Natalie Lambert, played by Geraint Wyn Davies and Catherine Disher
Nicolas de Brabant and LaCroix, when the Black Plague ravaged Europe
Nicholas de Brabant, knight and crusader, with Janette, on the night he was brought across in 1228 A.D.
LaCroix, before he assumed his French identity, before he was a vampire, when he was a general in Pompeii
In a rare moment - Nick and Nat
Detective Don Schanke played by John Kapelos with Nick Knight, played by Geraint Wyn Davies
Detective Nick Knight, played by Geraint Wyn Davies
Detective Nick Knight, played by Geraint Wyn Davies
The first season cast
Janette DuCharme and Nick Knightt
Nicholas de Brabant and Janette, 13th century

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