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This excellent, high quality, witty, intelligent, and award-winning show is all about the risks, power struggles, deals, shady maneuvers, and thrill of money and finance. It is fast-paced with a roller coaster portrayal of the people who make the deals and what drives them so hard. "Traders" has finally retired from production. However, its fan base is incredibly enthusiastic about the show, the characters, and the actors who portrayed them.

Updated 03 January 2004

Traders Season One Released on DVD!!

Adam Cunningham, Gardner/Ross senior partner, played by Bruce Gray

Donald, Jack, and Benny
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Faith Colero, Garnder/Ross compliance officer who scrutinizes Marty's trades and makes his days difficult, played by Pamela Sinha
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Grant Jansky, the derivatives trader genius who sees patterns in chaos, played by David Hewlett
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Benny Seidleman, the easy-going, lollipop-sucking trader who brings to the trading floor his savvy and experience of working the stock exchange, played by Ron Gabriel
The Traders' Glossary©
of technical terms and topics

Jack Larkin, the street-wise coporate finance expert who is as cold and passionate in his professional life as he is in his personal, played by David Cubitt
David Cubitt Photo Essay

Marty Stephens, the head trader and pit boss, played by Patrick McKenna
Patrick McKenna Photo Essay

Sally Ross, Gardner/Ross managing partner, played by Sonja Smits

Ziggy McLeod, the perky novice trader who moved up from receptionist and coffe girl, played by Angela Vint

Donald D'Arby, the conscience of Gardner/Ross, played by Rick Roberts
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Chris Todson, the unflappable foreign exchange expert with a deadpan manner and a flair for military history and strategy, played by Chris Leavins
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Ann Krywarik, the calculating commodities trader who is expert in her work but shorted in her personal life, played by Kim Huffman
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Marty Stephens


Chris Todd, the Gardner/Ross foreign exchange trader and military buff who sees his work as the thrill of battle on the trading floor; played by Chris Leavins Mail Lists, Newsgroups
Traders Yahoo Group
GardnerRoss Yahoo Group



Ann Krywarik, expert trader with a dark secret, played by Kim Huffman
FaveTV - Behind the Scenes at 'Traders'
Gardner Ross Cunningham
Traders at Jump the Shark
Traders from Lindy Cooksey




Marty Stephens, the head trader on the Gardner/Ross trading floor; played by Patrick McKenna Jack Larkin, the Gardner/Ross investment banker who used gutsy deals to make his way to becoming a partner, played by David Cubitt Cast and Production Staff
Bruce Gray's Web Site
Bruce Gray in the IMDB
Patrick McKenna -- A Photo Essay
Patrick McKenna in the IMDB
David Cubitt -- A Photo Essay
David Cubitt in the IMDB
Sonja Smits
Sonja Smits in the IMDB
Pamela Sinha
Pamela Sinha in the IMDB
Kim Huffman in the IMDB
Rick Roberts in the IMDB
David Hewlett at Darkyl Media
David Hewlett in the IMDB
Chris Leavins in the IMDB
Gabriel Hogan in the IMDB
Angela Vint in the IMDB
Rachel Crawford in the IMDB
Janet Bailey in the IMDB
Terri Hawkes in the IMDB
Philip Akin in the IMDB
Ron Gabriel in the IMDB
Sabrina Grdevich in the IMDB
Peter Stebbings in the IMDB
Alex Carter in the IMDB


Traders in the Media
Traders articles from various publications
It's a Wonderful Strife — Doing ‘Jansky’
Chris Leavins - 'Traders' Star Releases CD
Traders, Sleep Room win big at Geminis
New Business Show Better Than Most
Toronto area grads trade stories on set of Traders
Buy low, sell high, enjoy Traders
McKenna finds home in 'Traders'
Traders plays cancer victim card
MediaNomics Review: New Business Show Better Than Most



Traders Season 1 DVD

Traders CD
Traders CD
From AbSound


Sally Ross, played by Sonja Smits


Traders in the US

Traders is no longer available in the US. It had aired on TrioTV, a satellite/cable channel offered though DirecTV. TrioTV was bought by USA Networks, which completely gutted the service's premise, which was English-language programming from around the world, and replaced it with more reruns of US programming. USA Networks wanted to create an A&E clone, so they destroyed the only service providing a wide variety of non-US programming to the US audience, giving that audience quality shows from Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand. USA Networks has no plans to offer such programming to the US audience.


Marty making faces at Sally, disrupting her photo op; played by Patrick McKenna   Ann and Marty, making a bet on one of Jack's deals; played by Kim Huffman and Patrick McKenna

Ann Krywarik, played by Kim Huffman


Mail Lists, Newsgroups, Forums, WebRings
Cast and Production Staff
Traders in the Media
Traders on US TV
Ziggy McLeod, the Gardner/Ross receptionist who studies at night and turns her attentions to becoming a trader; played by Angela Vint
Donald D'Arby, Vice President of Corporate Finance at Gardner/Ross, but eventually takes control over the Mutual Fund; played by Rick Roberts
Sally Ross, Gardner/Ross managing partner, former economics professor who gets hooked on the adrenalin of trading; played by Sonja Smits
Benny Seidleman, the good-natured old-timer from the stock exchange floor, who is adapting to the headsets and computers of the Gardner/Ross trading floor; played by Ron Gabriel
Cathy, Jack's sister and Benny's fiance, is the trading floor coffee girl who plays her hand at trading; played by Sabrina Grdevich
Faith Colero, the Gardner/Ross corporate lawyer and compliance officer; played by Pamela Sinha
Adam Cunningham, the shrewd and ruthless Gardner/Ross senior partner, played by Bruce Gray
Ian Farnham, a Gardner/Ross investment banker with boyish charm and ambition; played by Gabriel Hogan
Susannah Marks, the Gardner/Ross Analyst and Market Strategist, played by Janet Bailey
Monika Barnes, the Gardner/Ross Assistant Analyst, played by Terri Hawkes

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