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Dedicated to the excellent first season with its most memorable Sea Dragons and the wonderful people who portrayed them

Updated 05 August 2009
The Team: The Sea Dragons

A.J. and Annalisa doing Marine Business

A.J. and Annalisa
Music Sampler

Janine and Bobby
Episode Guide

Colonel Hodges and Colonel Kelly
Image Gallery

Bobby, A.J., and Annalisa
Google Directory

Wendell and Kelly
Internet Movie Database

A.J. and Annalisa
Yahoo List

The Sea Dragons
Open Directory

A Jeep

Wendell and his son Christopher

Mirror of Official Web Site
Pensacola: Wings of Gold Season One
MAO's Pensacola: Wings of Gold Sea Dragons page
Pensacola: Wings of Gold Season One
German Pensacola: Wings of Gold webpage
Pensacola: Wings of Gold set costumer with pictures of cast
Stewart Finlay-McLennan in Pensacola Wings of Gold
PwogOne List Yahoo Group

Cast and Production Staff
Salvator Xuereb - A Photo Essay
The Unofficial Salvator Xuereb Page
Salvator Xuereb at IMDB
Kathryn Morris - A Photo Essay
An Interview With Kathryn Morris
Col. Kelly, Sea Dragons commander, played by James Brolin Kathryn Morris at IMDB
Kristanna Loken
Kristanna Loken Utopia
Kristanna Loken at IMDB
Rodney Rowland, Genre Work
Rodney Rowland, Regular Work
Rod Rowland
Rod Rowland Discussion Yahoo Group
Rodney Rowland at IMDB
Rodney Van Johnson at IMDB
James Brolin
James Brolin German
James Brolin at IMDB
Brynn Thayer at IMDB
Leslie Hardy at IMDB

Fan Fiction
Fiction written by fans of the syndicated show Pensacola:Wings of Gold
Virtual Season Two

Desktop Themes
Pensacola: Wings of Gold desktop theme and screen saver

United States Marine Corps - Semper Fi

Pensacola N.A.S.

Cast and Production Staff
Fan Fiction
Desktop Themes
Image Gallery
Farewell to the Sea Dragons
Opening Page
Colonel Hodges, Kelly's commanding officer, played by Brynn Thayer
1st Lt Wendell McCray, security and computer systems expert; played by Rodney Van Johnson
Janine, Col. Kelly's troubled daughter, who forges a strong bond to her father, played by Kristanna Loken
1st Lt Annalisa Lindstrom, helicopter pilot, played by Kathryn Morris
1st Lt A.J. Conaway, demolitions expert, played by Salvator Xuereb
Dr. Valerie West, a base physician and Kelly's romantic interest, played by Leslie Hardy


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