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Salvator Xuereb
A Photo Essay

Pensacola: Wings of Gold
My Brother's War
Barb Wire
A Passion to Kill
False River
Natural Born Killers
Mr. Stitch
Killing Zoe
Lewis & Clark & George
Alien Nation
 Pensacola: Wings of Gold First Season Web Site  
Internet Movie Database  
In this TV series, Mr. Xuereb plays First Lieutenant A.J. Conaway, a member of an elite team called the Sea Dragons. He is the team's demolitions expert.
  "I'm standing there. Annalisa's right next to me. We're like Bonnie and Clyde. I take the hand grenade, put it in the 203, aim right at the S.U.V., hit the trigger -- Boom! The whole thing just blew up like it was Fourth of July."
  "First Lieutenant A.J. Conaway, Sir!."
  Video Clip (750kb) "Arlington Cemetary"

Pensacola: Wings of Gold is TM & Copyright Eyemark Entertainment. 1997, 1998

 False River False River Internet Movie Database  
In this drama, Mr. Xuereb plays "Jim Mix," a young man who flees his psychiatric hospital and returns home to False River. The film is currently in production
False River is copyright American Artists Film Corporation (AAFC) 1999

 My Brother's War Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Mr. Xuereb plays Liam Fallon, an armed and dangerous Irish terrorist who goes to violent extremes to derail the pending peace talks.
  "If we ever hope to have a free Irish state, it's for the English to be out 100%. That means no bargaining, no molly-coddling, and no damn cease-fire."
  "I will not have anyone abusing an animal. No one. Is that understood? Animals are God's gift to all of us."

Sal's wife Cristi Conaway played a role.
  "Well, your upstairs is getting old, too. And a good leader knows that there's a time to obey orders, and a time to stand by what he believes in. What do you believe in, John?"
  Video Clip (994kb)

My Brother's War is TM & Copyright The Pacific Trust. 1997

 Barb Wire Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, the year is 2017, and the United States is in the throes of Civil War. Mr. Xuereb plays a young soldier about to go to the front lines the next day. In his last night on the town, he asks Barb Wire to dance with him.
  "Excuse me, Miss Wire! Hi, I -- uh, I'm going back to the front lines tomorrow and I was wondering -- you look beautiful! -- would you dance with me?"

  "I can't believe I'm actually dancing with the Barb Wire."
  Barb Wire: "Do you have a girl back home?" Young Soldier: "Yeah." Barb Wire: "Do you miss her?" Young Soldier: "Yes, Ma'am. Everyday" Barb Wire: "Tell you what, close your eyes and let's pretend she's right here in your arms." Young Soldier: "Yes, Ma'am."
Barb Wire is copyright Propaganda Films and Dark Horse Entertainment. 1996

 Ravager Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, set in the near future, Mr. Xuereb plays Lazarus, a quarrelsome passenger on an air transport that crashes near a hazardous storage facility. A canister cracks open, the agent leaks out, and the infection rages.
  "Listen, Toots, you don't understand. I gotta be in Panang by tonight."
  Pilot: "There's no need to panic at this time."
Lazarus: "Oh, when will it be a good time to panic?"
  Video Clip (816kb)

Ravager is copyright 360 Entertainment. 1997

 Quick Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Mr. Xuereb plays Henry, a hood who serves as a driver and hitman. Unpleasant and seedy, Henry is into drugs and killing, and is kindly called a 'pervert.' Sal shows up in the credits as "Salvatore."

  "Wha..wha..what's 'irony'?"
  "I have a feeling, that before this is over, we're gonna understand each other real good."
  "Hey, Quick, you ever do any "X" before? We should do some. I'll take you to a place you never been before."
  "Dude! Don't try anything funny. I actually like killing people. What're you looking at?! That's better. Nice pair of legs you got there, baby. Heh!"  
Quick is TM & Copyright Academy Entertainment, Promark Entertainment Group. 1993

 Passion to Kill Internet Movie Database  
In this murder mystery, Mr. Xuereb played "Phil," a young man with a penchant for erotic stories that he retells while in therapy with the main character, a psychiatrist.
  "Um, anyway, I met her at this modeling agency party, and she was beautiful. Then, ya know, it was getting late, and she wanted to stay over and I didn't know what to do. All of a sudden I just felt empty, devoid of life, like I was buying a new car, ya know."

  Diana: "I really need to talk to someone." Phil: "Well, I could do that, ya know. I'm actually a really good talker." Diana: "Oh, no, I, I think I need someone professional."
A Passion to Kill is copyright Rysher Entertainments 1994

 Natural Born Killers Video Release Available  
Director's Cut  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film noire, Mr. Xuereb joins his brother Emmanuel in a very brief cameo, portraying two young French boys commenting on Mickey and Mallory, the film's anti-heros. Emmanuel makes the comment while Sal agrees with him.
Sal is on the left; Emmanuel is on the right.
  Emmanuel as French Boy: "They are super cool."
Young French Girl: "Mickey c'est l'homme."
Natural Born Killers is copyright Warner Bros. 1994

 Mr. Stitch Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film of a modern Frankenstein, Mr. Xuereb plays a small role as a rookie cop his partner calls 'Deputy Dog.' The sequence was shot in green light through a car windshield.
  "I don't even know what we're supposed to be looking for."
  "It's a sick world out there."
  "They don't call me 'Eagle-Eye' for nothing, you know."
Mr. Stitch is copyright Rysher Entertainment. 1995

 Killing Zoe Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Mr. Xuereb plays Claude, a drug-using, unkempt young Frenchman whose friends are a monkey and a band of nihilistic nitwits. They carry out a bank heist that goes predictably and terribly wrong.

    "Easy, easy. Don't scare him; he's just trying to claim you. Let me introduce you properly. That is Henric. He likes to be called 'Chin-Chin' but we don't always get what we like, do we?"
  Translated: "Oh shit, there goes our airplane."
Killing Zoe is copyright 360 Entertainment. 1994

 Lewis & Clark & George Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Mr. Xuereb plays Lewis, an escaped convict who, along with his prison-break partner Clark, is picked up by a young mute woman George. Lewis is doing time for murder. Clark is in for computer fraud. George is a fetching yet deadly thief. Together, they take off on a cross-country trip to a rumored gold mine in Mexico.
  "One of us reads and talks. One of us reads but can't talk, and one of us talks but can't read."
  "Brought you a sandwich."

Sal relaxing after the day's shoot.
Credit: L&C&G
  Lewis: "How many times is that?" Whore: "Six." Lewis: "Damn, I'm good."

Lewis & Clark & George is copyright Davis Entertainment/Dark Matter Productions. 1997

 NYPD Blue Internet Movie Database  
In this TV series drama, Mr. Xuereb guest starred as "Michael" who, with his former Army buddies, hides the details of a murder from the police.

  "Two great states."
  "In the parking lot on that roof, well, we found our friend dead."
  Video Clip (632kb)

  "That's eerie, man. You got it, chapter and verse."
  "That's the famous 'Less Talk More Action' crime, right?"
NYPD Blue is copyright Stephen Bocho Productions 1993-1999

 Alien Nation Internet Movie Database  
In this TV science fiction series, Mr. Xuereb guest starred in an episode named "First Cigar," playing a Newcomer drug dealer busted in an alley. This was his first television role.
  Dealer: "Is this a bust? I want a lawyer." Sikes: "We cut off your source. Who's supplying you? George, what's that guy doing over there?" George: "What guy?" Sikes: "And what was that name again?" Dealer: "Cliff! His name's Cliff!" Sikes: "And where is this Cliff?"
Alien Nation is copyright 20th Century Fox 1989-1991


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