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Kathryn Morris
A Photo Essay

Pensacola: Wings of Gold
Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All
Inherit the Wind
Magnificent Seven
Xena, Warrior Princess
As Good As It Gets
 Pensacola: Wings of Gold First Season Web Site  
Internet Movie Database  
In this TV series, Ms. Morris plays First Lieutenant Annalisa Lindstrom, a member of an elite team called the Sea Dragons. She is the team's helicopter pilot and marksman.
  "Well, you're right, A.J. I mean I've known you for about six months, and I can definitely assure you that you are a major pain in the butt."
  Video Clip (821kb) "Rotorhead"

  "First Lieutenant Annalisa Lindstrom, Sir!."
  Annalisa: "Tonight, my place, bring flowers." A.J.: "Sounds like a mission to me."

  "We don't leave our wounded behind."

Pensacola: Wings of Gold is TM & Copyright Eyemark Entertainment. 1997, 1998

 Inherit the Wind Internet Movie Database  
In this movie based on the play, Ms. Morris plays Rachel Brown, the fiance of a teacher on trial for teaching Darwin's theory in the classroom, and the daughter of the preacher who condemns him.
  "Don't you see what's happening? They're using you as a weapon against your own people. What you think or believe isn't the point anymore. You're helping something bad."
  Rachel:"Oh, Bert, tell them you're sorry; it was all a mistake, please." Bert: "Sure. Tell them that if they'd let my body out of jail, I'd lock up my mind. Could you stand that, Rachel?" Rachel: "At least we'd be together." Bert: "It wouldn't be the same." Rachel: "But if what -- " Bert: "Rach."

  "I left my father, Bert. I messed things up for us pretty badly, didn't I?"
Inherit the Wind is copyright MGM Worldwide Television Productions, Inc. 1999

 Magnificent Seven Web Site  
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In this television western, Ms. Morris plays Charlotte Richmond, the unhappy wife of a homesteader leading a wagon train of settlers to their new lands. The Magnificent Seven serve as protectors and guides.
  "I haven't seen it yet, but I know it's got a river and mountains and fine rich soil as far as the eye can see. And when we start farming it, it's gonna be heaven on earth."

  Vin: "Charlotte, I know it ain't right, but I can't pretend that there's nothing between us." Charlotte: "There is nothing between us, do you hear me? There's no--" Vin: "You know there is; we both know it." Husband: "Charlotte! Where are ya?" Charlotte: "It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. Just go away, Vin, just please. Just please. Please just stay away from me."
  "It didn't used to be like this. If you'd just seen him before. Like when Alison was born."

Magnificent Seven is copyright MGM Worldwide Television Productions. 1999

 Xena, Warrior Princess Internet Movie Database  
In this highly popular syndicated series, Kathryn guest stars as a zealot Najara who follows "The Light" and listens to the Jinn who guide her in her proselytization and crusade efforts against wrongdoers and heretics. Najara is beautiful, charismatic, and ferocious. She is a warrior, highly skilled and adept."

  "These two are on a journey, a quest, and they are our allies in the fight against darkness. My name is Najara."
  Episode Promo (932kb)

  Gabrielle: "Najara, how long you been hearing the Jinn?" Najara: "Since I was a little girl. At first, they frightened me. After a while I began to trust them. Now, they're my best friends. So wonderful. So full of love and goodness."
  "In order for good to triumph, we must eradicate evil. I always give evil-doers a chance to turn to The Light. But if they refuse, or I sense their conversion isn't sincere, I send them to look onto The Light."
Xena Warrior Princess is Copyright 1999 Universal City Studios, Inc.

 Oldest Living Confederate
     Widow Tells All
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Ms. Morris plays a hip (complete with nose-piercing) retirement home companion to the Confederate widow who tells her story."

  "Doh-see-doh, and around we go! Swing to the left and find your beau!"

  "All right, the next one is Ladies' Choice. This is your chance, girls. Hit on the guy of your dreams."

  "I used to love to dress up in my momma's high heels."

 Sleepstalker Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this horror film, Ms. Morris plays Megan, a photographer whose friend is being stalked by the "Sandman."

  "Now listen, I don't care what you want. I'm going with you. And whatever this thing is, we're facing it together. You're not alone in this. You're not alone."
  "It'll be alright. The Sandman is gone. He's never coming back. You sleep now."

Sleepstalker is copyright Osmosis Pictures. 1995

 As Good As It gets Video Release Available  
Internet Movie Database  
In this film, Ms. Morris had a non-speaking role as a patient in a psychiatrist's waiting room."
As Good As It Gets is copyright Tristar Pictures. 1997


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